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For an up close and personal look into mine and my family’s lives, I also have a personal website separate from my professional website: Sandy’s Personal Website.

I have a passionate love for travel (particularly for the Rocky Mountains), and I love documenting our hikes, our friendships, and of course, pictures of the loves of my life: my family and friends! I’m hoping as time goes on, there will be lots more links on this site to cool things we do in new places on new adventures. I’m working on taking my wedding and portrait photography to a national level, so if it is meant to be. . . . look here for new adventures for me and my photography!

4 Responses to Travel & Personal

  1. Deena Lehman says:

    Sandy, my dear friend Lynn S. has recommended you as a brilliant photographer. Would love to talk w/you, re: possibility of meeting to discuss my daughter’s March 2012 Wedding. However, I live in Katy & the ceremony will be in Richmond. Please advise if you’re interested. Thanks!

    • Sandy says:

      Deena, THANK YOU! I love Lynn too 🙂

      I sent you an email with some scoop about wedding photography. Let me know if you don’t receive it, okay? I have had some email “issues” lately, which I hope have been fixed, but I’m not totally 100% trusting yet.

      Thank you again!

  2. Deena Lehman says:

    Sandy, thanks for taking the time for our phone visit today. I’m glad I was able to view your Website, & have sent your Website link to my daughter, Jackie so that she & her fiancee, Tony can also view your work.

    Also, the venue for her March 10, 2012 wedding/reception is: Pecan Grove Country Club, in Richmond, TX. Their website:

    Please confirm receipt of this reply! Thanks,

    • Sandy says:

      Thanks, Deena!

      I just sent you an email with a standard contact and lots of references. If you don’t mind, maybe you could just pop me a reply back to let me know you received it since I have had an occasional gliche in my emails lately.

      I will check out the Pecan Grove Country Club and watch my artistic mind and heart start spinning 🙂

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