My Favorite Vendors

As I travel through the wonderful world of wedding and portrait photography, I often come across fabulous vendors that I’d like to share with my clients and prospective clients.

Here are a few that I’d love to recommend:

Imagery Productions (Cinematographers) – Katherine Pruett (214) 450-6843.
This company is so much more than “videographers”. I’m using them to create a promotional video for my website, and they have an extensive background in marketing & advertising too. They know what works, and their work product is absolutely AMAZING!! I can’t say enough about Katie and her husband, Jason!

Bartenders4You – Jennifer Smith

The Inn on the Riverwalk – Johanna Gardner

Stay tuned and continue checking this page, because as new vendors impress me with their professionalism and experience, I will be sharing the information with you.

2 Responses to My Favorite Vendors

  1. Melody McMahon says:

    Beautiful job Sandy!

    Where was the venue? The grounds looked gorgeous.

    • Sandy says:

      I think you are asking about the venue that I did this last wedding for? Lauren and Jonathan’s? It was at Boulder Springs, which is just off Highway 46. If you’re coming from New Braunfels, it’s not too far past the intersection of 46 and Ruekle Road. And yes! It was a BEAUTIFUL place! And the people who manage it are incredibly gracious and nice! 🙂

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