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Studio or outside/natural light portraits of all kinds (for artistic character portraits, tho, see “Fine Art”

The Face of God’s Beloved

Last Friday!  It was such an amazing day for me.  I’m still not quite sure how to share it, but I’ll try.  I was welcomed into a world I have always had a big heart for, but where strangers are … Continue reading

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♪♫ The times they are a changin’ ♫♪

“Come gather ’round people wherever you roam Admit that the waters around you have grown” Bob Dylan Admission: The waters have grown. But I’m not drowning. I’m frolicking in them. I’m leaping up above them and letting them show me … Continue reading

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Still here…..

Wow! Something disconnected with my blogging. It’s been such a long time since I’ve posted anything. Actually, I think I know what it is. I began feeling like… well… like surely it was boring just reading one post after the … Continue reading

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Making a Beautiful Day ♥

You would think…. during the “senior season” that auto pilot would kick in and the sessions would blur together in photographic similarity. But no! I am amazed at no matter how many senior sessions I do, each one is so … Continue reading

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Radiance in Person

I know I tend to gush about my clients. Each one is so genuinely special to me, and each one brings an experience that is unique — because each person is unique. I met Taylor years ago when a group … Continue reading

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To Studio… or not…

Sooooooooo, I love having a fairly big enough studio in my home. I love the freedom it gives me in my business. I can’t even imagine how much I would have to charge if I was having to pay rent, … Continue reading

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Ohmy! How I LOVE LOVE… sooooo LOVE girlie, glamour photography! I don’t get the chance to do it as often as I like because it ends up being a bit more of an investment on the client’s part. To do … Continue reading

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Yayyyy! I had the pleasure of doing another fitness shoot with the a-MAZING Jennifer Hamilton, Personal Trainer. It was so fun! I love honing my skills in different types of photography. Fitness photography is completely different than other types of … Continue reading

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Fit… and FABULOUS!

Ok… I get pretty excited about all my photoshoots, but THIS one really has my heart fluttering. I love Jennifer’s story: Significantly overweight in high school. Picked on. A sad girl with a dream. A dream of being fit. Fast … Continue reading

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Model Majesty :)

Seems pretty majestic to me anyway 🙂 What a blessing it is to have a photography role in this up and coming superstar. We did fitness photos a few months ago, and lo & behold (not surprisingly) here he is … Continue reading

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