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The Face of God’s Beloved

Last Friday!  It was such an amazing day for me.  I’m still not quite sure how to share it, but I’ll try.  I was welcomed into a world I have always had a big heart for, but where strangers are … Continue reading

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The Language of Photography

It’s a language I know well. It speaks to me and often deeply changes my heart. It tells beautiful stories. It can be a language of love, creating new friendships and bonding old ones deeper. Sometimes, it’s a language of … Continue reading

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♪♫ The times they are a changin’ ♫♪

“Come gather ’round people wherever you roam Admit that the waters around you have grown” Bob Dylan Admission: The waters have grown. But I’m not drowning. I’m frolicking in them. I’m leaping up above them and letting them show me … Continue reading

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The Gift. To “Have” or “To Give”

Photography is a gift.   It always means so much to me when someone says, “You have a gift…”  I’m humbled.  And amazed at such a compliment.  But you know what?  “Having” a gift actually pales to being able to “give” … Continue reading

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A Whole World Full of Special

I was so incredibly blessed and humbled by having 2 occasions in one week to photograph the most beautiful children… no… I’ll say instead, the most beautiful “PEOPLE” on Planet Earth. They were two separate groups of special needs children. … Continue reading

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Yayyyy! I had the pleasure of doing another fitness shoot with the a-MAZING Jennifer Hamilton, Personal Trainer. It was so fun! I love honing my skills in different types of photography. Fitness photography is completely different than other types of … Continue reading

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Amazing Reward for an Amazing Memory!

In case you can’t tell from my website & if you know me… from just knowing me… I LOVE photographing children being children! There is something so pure and soul filling about a still photo of a child just celebrating … Continue reading

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Capturing the Artistry: Katie

Oh what FUN we had! I was photographing Katie for a high-end video that she and her husband, Jason, co-founders of Imagery Productions, are putting together for me to add a little class and pizzaz to my portrait photography.I’m so … Continue reading

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Ya Just Never Know….

I have to show you these pictures! Because before I downloaded them (right after the shoot), I was having somewhat of a panic attack (okay, a full-fledged panic attack). The panic was the only thing that kept me from crying … Continue reading

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It’s a Fairy Tale :)

What a great story Sylvia and Phil have! And what a gift it was to work (although it felt so much more like play) with them last Sunday. They met in high school. In fact, we all went to high … Continue reading

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