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Welcome, Master Benjamin!

What a JOY to photograph your grand entrance into the Hosea family! Just 2 years ago (but seemingly yesterday), I was photographing your big brother, Nathan, at 5-lbs and 6 days old. Now, an “all-boy” BEAUTIFUL blonde-haired, blue eyed two-year … Continue reading

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To Studio… or not…

Sooooooooo, I love having a fairly big enough studio in my home. I love the freedom it gives me in my business. I can’t even imagine how much I would have to charge if I was having to pay rent, … Continue reading

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Seeing a Family — Not Just a Picture of One

So of course, when you take one look at Apryl & Jacob & their babies, Berlin & Colton — you know you can get some beeeeeautiful photos, right? Wow! THEY are a beautiful family! But I told them right off: … Continue reading

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A Story in a Song

As soon as I knew I would be taking newborn pictures of Lauren’s baby, this song came to my mind and I knew it would be the one that I would use to tell their story in pictures. At the … Continue reading

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Glitz & Glam… and baby boys

I was so happy when Kelly told me she wanted some post-baby portraits done. Lately, I’ve been SO enjoying the privilege of doing a bit more of the “glamour” type photo shoots. They are so FUN! And talk about an … Continue reading

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What a WONDERFUL World!

The first time I saw Suzanne, I was 14 years old, and it was my first lonely day in a new high school after the school year had been well underway. My new school had significantly more people in its … Continue reading

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Sweetest Dreamer…

I can’t even tell you how much I loved… I mean LOVED… taking Nathan Hosea’s newborn photos. I think the experience meant more to me than it did to Ross & Cindy. There were several moments when I actually wanted … Continue reading

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Love’s First Year

I wonder if there could ever be anything more intense or all-consuming than the love that takes over your heart when your child is born. You just can’t prepare for it, or even understand what it will be like until … Continue reading

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Kids on Friday

I am SO BLESSED! … Because I’m passionate about photographing children. I love it… LOVE IT! I love watching them. Connecting with them. Playing with them. And I love sharing my craft with them. That’s why I’m blessed. I have … Continue reading

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My Jackson Day

Yesterday was such a special day for me! I got to spend some of the most amazing time with just Jackson. I’ve always been sensitive about the feelings of the little ones in our family, so usually if I do … Continue reading

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