Photography + Music = Spiritual

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of doing a family portrait shoot on an amazing sunset evening at our Japanese Tea Gardens. When I’m photographing people, I always find that that I develop something I call an intuitive connection with them. I’m always looking for, and trying to capture more than just “them” – looking good. I want to see and feel who they are – underneath the smiling faces. The end result is a photograph that hopefully will be treasured forever as they remember that moment, but the key ingredient of any photo shoot is the soul connection, not the photograph. So, on this beautiful evening – just as spring was making its first appearance in Texas, we set out to create art out of this family’s moment. As we walked around the striking grounds, even though they were fairly quiet and reserved, my intuitive connection with them felt so much love between the three of them. It meant a lot to me to have the privilege of seeing that and having a part in preserving just a moment in their relationships.

After getting all of their pictures ready for show, I did what I’ve started always doing with my special shoots, I began looking for music that I could use with the pictures that might speak to the heart in a way more than what the pictures alone could do. I believe there’s something about music with photography that makes the photos reach even deeper and closer to the heart. Sometimes, though, choosing the right music can be a challenge. Especially if I don’t know my subjects too too well. But in this case, I relied on what my heart told me would be just right for them, and went with a favorite Matthew West song. I wasn’t sure why this was the one – because I actually had another one in mind, but when I heard it, my heart said, “That’s it…” so I went with it, and was ready to share the results of our time together with them. I’ll share it with you too at the end of the post.

Our first meeting had to be rescheduled because sadly, Marcie (the wife and mom) had a very scary medical ordeal that ended up with her being transported in an ambulance to the ER. Everything turned out fine, but when we finally were able to get together, I learned that she suffers from some auto immune illnesses that have been a real challenge for her for many years. She has battled bravely, and through God’s grace and kindness, she manages amazingly well, but as I showed them the slideshow that I prepared for them, I couldn’t help but think how perfect the message of this song was for this family. You could see in every moment how supportive her husband was of her and their daughter. It touched and humbled me to be reminded once again how photography – and music are more than just technical things – They are spiritual..

Thank you, Mike and Marcie for the privilege of connecting with your wonderful family through the art of photography. You will always be in my prayers.

About Sandy

I'm Sandy Powers, full-time photographer, doing what I love with my life! My passion is PEOPLE! There is such artistry in people, and I love capturing it. Naturally, portraiture is my passion, but I also love shooting for the art of photography for competitions or exhibit. I once watched an interview with Kim Walker, a well-known Christian worship leader. What she said resonated with me and pretty much describes my own story. In the interview, she said she didn't have to force things to happen for herself. She didn't have to push. She didn't have to overly promote herself or call people and beg them to hire her. In fact, she didn't have to do anything except keep her eyes on Jesus and watch Him bring her destiny to her. That's exactly how I feel. I walk each day by faith, and my eyes are on Him! I have watched in amazement as He has orchestrated circumstance to bring my destiny to me. I thank Him daily for allowing me to not only do what I love, but to use what I love to bless others! So, how is "the destiny" unfolding? Well. . . . My work has been juried into temporary museum and art gallery exhibits, I have been featured in Outdoor Photographer Magazine, my portraiture and fine art have won several awards in national and international competitions, and one of my portraits was selected by an Adobe Lightroom blog as one of the top 50 most stunning black and white photos. I'm a member of Professional Photographers of America and the Texas Photographic Society. Anything else??? Send me a note ( any time! I LOVE meeting new people, sharing stories, and best of all, changing the "ordinary" to extraordinary through photography!
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  1. Beautiful words for beautiful captures.
    So lovely!

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